This is a list of interesting connections/ peculiarities I find across different languages. This mostly includes English, Hindi, French and Punjabi, but other languages appear too. Read on to see how they ended up here.

Quoi, French for "what", sounds just like क्या, Hindi for "what"

Cartouche, French for "cartridge", sounds just like कारतूस, Hindi for "cartridge" because it apparently came from French to Hindi

奈落 (Naraku), Japanese for "hell, abyss", sounds just like नरक, Hindi for "hell". I caught this while watching the subbed version of My Hero Academia, and then it was confirmed by Abhishek Avtans, a linguist, on Twitter

British English tends to use a 'r' sound when a word ends with a vowel and the next one starts with a vowel. French has a similar thing called a liason wherein one pronounces certain silent letters only if they lie between two vowels. Wonder if the two are related.

Très or in French translates literally to "very gold". The French word for treasure is trèsor. Wonder if they're related.