Mentor, Team Anant

Having been a member of the On-Board Computer subsystem of the team for 4 years, I now mentor my juniors on the way ahead for the satellite. As part of the team, I worked on Hyperspectral image compression, gained all my knowledge about the Linux kernel, made drivers for it, and helped conceptualize the On-Board Computer of the satellite.

Senior at BITS, Pilani

Pursuing B.E. in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, and M.Sc. in Chemistry.

I enjoy working with both electronics and software.

I've previously programmed in C & C++. I have a deep interest in low level systems programming and the hardware in embedded systems, especially with systems running Linux. Presently, I'm more involved with thread-based electronic devices and organic semiconductors.

Absolutely fascinated by space.

Since my childhood, I've had a deep interest for all things related to space, whether it be astronomy, rockets, or satellites. Team Anant is my biggest foray into this field, and with it, I'm trying to combine this interest of mine with technical knowledge. I also interned at ISRO in 2018, where I worked on image processing techniques.

Drummer, connoisseur of prog rock.

I was a drummer on and off since standard 5th until university. 3 years ago at BITS, I joined Gurukul as a full time drummer. I perform in about 3 events every semester, and teach students through the Gurukul workshop. You can check out some of my videos here.